One Band, One Sound – The Essence of Teamwork


I sat back into my chair and eventually became swept away by the sounds, moves and rivalry in the movie.

It took a second for Nick Cannon to join into this “one band, one sound” doctrine of his marching group. As a matter of fact, it required because of his personality to be eliminated in the marching band before he recognized that the gist of this “one band, one sound” doctrine was actually all about teamwork solarmovie.


I got a major kick out of this film! It was a feel good movie which not only amused, but educated some fantastic lessons, also. It created such an effect on me which I listed it in my diary back in 2005 and today I focus my post on it now.

“One band, one sound” was a smart means to show to all people the importance and advantages of teamwork. It may be applied to any and every circumstance where teamwork is vital in our own lives.

“One band, one sound” informs us that teamwork is the idea of people working collectively to attain a desirable goal.

“One band, one sound” elevates the significance of the following features That Have to be present for teamwork to function successfully, for example:

1) Vision

2) Communication abilities

4) Initiative

5) Support

6) Focus

7) Trust

8) Collaboration

9) Respect

Vision is required so as to maneuver our teams from wherever we are to where we need them to become. Knowing the vision of the staff, business or job helps us change into gear and finish our essential tasks to be able to manifest our dreams in reality.

Communication abilities enable our teams to communicate information that’s readily obtained and understood. Sharing ideas, providing opinions and providing opinions provides us a opportunity to say our message so that it’s obviously received by our fellow staff members.

Listening skills are important since they enable us to show real interest in what is communicated. Whether we notify, upgrade, educate, demonstrate, or admit, listening abilities actively engage us into our teams which then helps us to be more connected to the group’s vision.

Initiative is the power which moves our teams ahead and enables the strengths and abilities of individual team members to become clear to the group as a whole. Support stipulates the help our staff members contribute to each other which helps to create bonds within our groups. Concentrate is vital to streamline power and effort of staff members toward the best vision of the staff, project or business.

Trust helps staff members to release inhibitions and publicly communicate together. It’s the motivation behind groups moving ahead on one accord. When vision and trust exist, cooperation unites us collectively to generate positive consequences to the group.

Respect conveys our teams through conflicts and challenges. Regardless of if there are personality conflicts or period challenges, admiration for one another and the objective of our staff helps us to become “one band, one sound”.

I concur.

O Providing continuing training to educate our teams systematic techniques for expending energy on a job, task or obligation;

O Conducting regular team meetings to examine the development of our endeavors;

O Holding enjoyable events along with company meetings as a means to encourage positive relations amongst our staff members; and

O Celebrating the achievement of our groups in people – for other people to understand and see.

It isn’t easy to operate with individuals that are different from you, particularly when there are personality conflicts. As was exhibited from the film “Drumline”, characters can play a role in maintaining team members aside. However, those gaps may also function as the concealed power to successful teamwork.

Just remember, even though characters can clash and differences can exist, so long as vision, communication skills, listening skills, initiative, service, focus, confidence, cooperation, and respect exist, staff members may become “one band, one sound”.



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