Flower Meanings & History of Flowers


The captivating as well as delicate elegance of flowers flores has fascinated people of all nations as well as backgrounds for centuries. Blossoms have been reproduced and also cultivated for their attractive charm in addition to their capability to recover illness. Blossoms are the subject of poems and myths, and religious signs are related to blossoms too. Many women are named after flowers. The major reason for the appeal of flowers though is their capability to bring cheer.


For all fellow enthusiasts as well as admirers of blossoms below is some background details regarding blossoms. This will certainly aid offer your blossom gift offering and also purchasing a greater context.


There are over 600 species of asters, the most prominent being the Monte Gambling establishment. Old cultures thought that the odor of its fallen leaves, when charred, repelled snakes. While this might not be as appropriate today, perhaps its undertone is still relevant: Providing asters indicates, “I am not exactly sure whether you have been faithful to me”. Be careful that you send asters to!

Meanings: enchanting, patience

Bells of Ireland

Although the name recommends these flowers come from Ireland, they originated in western Asia. Bells of Ireland have a spicy/peppery scent as well as become part of the mint household. They stand for best of luck.

Meanings: all the best, whimsy


Millenium dandies would certainly not leave your house without a white or red carnation in the buttonhole of their match. With completion of this practice as well as the fact that carnations are so quickly cultivated and also expanded, the flower has actually lost a few of its appeal. Nevertheless, carnations are not only attractive and also durable flowers, they likewise send a message: When you obtain a red carnation arrangement, it suggests, “My heart aches for you” and when you receive white carnations the sender is claiming: “I am still readily available.”

Meanings: attraction, committed Love


Visualize, chrysanthemums have been grown in Chinese gardens for almost 3000 years! The name chrysanthemum originates from the Greek chrysos (gold) as well as anthos (flower). Today a few of the significances related to this flower are: innocence, cheerfulness and loyal love.

Definitions: happiness, innocence


The dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and this is also its birth place. An old Aztec paper states that the Aztecs used dahlias as a treatment for epilepsy. Only in the 19th century did the flower pertained to Europe where it was bred and grown into today’s ranges.

Definitions: dignity, elegance


Did you know that there are many various varieties of iris that they can be expanded wild all year, in water and on land? Iris was most substantial in history as the emblem of France– Fleur-de-Lis– developed in the 11th century by the king of France. Today, it is the state flower of Tennessee and its meanings are belief, hope as well as wisdom

Meanings: belief, hope, knowledge.


Lilies have been related to numerous old misconceptions. They are mentioned in the Old Testimony, as well as in the New Testimony, as well as represent chastity and virtue. Even today, lilies are connected with purity and confidence

Significances: purity, confidence.

Peruvian lilies or alstroemeria are named after the Swedish botanist Baron Klas von Alstroemer. He brought the blossom seeds back from a trip to South America in the 18th century.

Meanings: friendship, dedication

Calla lilies were first imported from South Africa to The U.S.A. in the mid-nineteenth century. The waxy white flowers as well as headed fallen leaves of the calla lily stand for glowing elegance as well as sophistication.

Definitions: elegance, appeal


Lisianthus may seem like a Latin name, but it is among numerous typical names associated with this plant. It is also described as Prairie Gentian, Meadow Rose or Texas Bluebell. The flowers existing today are derived from an American wildflower that is belonging to grassy fields varying from Colorado to Nebraska as well as down to Texas.

Significances: outward bound, ideas


During the 19th Century, orchids were commonly accumulated. With virtually 25,000 ranges, some orchids are among one of the most exquisite and also costly flowers available. In classical times, orchids were associated with love and fertility. It was common knowledge that they would secure against conditions. Offered as a gift they mean preciousness and temptation.

Meanings: seduction, preciousness


Snapdragons are an old ornamental flower, widely made use of by the Romans. From its beginning in southern Spain the cultivated form was spread out throughout the whole Roman Empire. Nowadays remnants of this initial populace which all come from the types Antirrhinum majus are found amongst Roman remains like temples in southern France, Malta, and also Italy. The flower, likewise called “thoughtful girl” means deception.

Definitions: wish, strength


With their far-reaching appeal, roses are the queens of flowers. After buttercup, the roses are the second oldest selection of blossoms on earth. Biologists can trace roses back some 200 million years! Although there is a big number of significances and icons associated with roses, the most common naturally is love, which came from Greek mythology. When Aphrodite wept about the fatality of her lover Adonis, she had red “Adonis Roses” expanded with his blood, – therefore red roses are the symbol of relentless love. Crucial to discuss are the roses’ thorns, which all of us possibly have some unpleasant memory. Symbolically, love can be excruciating and also packed with enduring when not dealt with meticulously.

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