Halal Investment Options for Muslims in Canada


I have always been a enormous advocate of preventing Riba (Interest), possibly paying or earning.

Purchasing Commodities e.g. Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold have historically been the best supply of procuring your wealth during an extended time period contact. In my study of historic Gold costs, they’ve shrunk in past 20 decades. Silver isn’t far behind. So let us say you aren’t somebody who has enormous quantities of cash and can make huge investments, investing in silver or gold is absolutely an option for you. This is only a halal investment also if you’re seeking to invest for a longer time period, let us state saving money for the kid’s schooling, investing a couple of hundred dollars each month shouldn’t be difficult. In this manner you’re maintaining your wealth and, at the meantime, saving cash for your kid’s education. It’s possible to purchase gold from banks or may even buy from a licensed gold trader in Canada Halalxpert.


You will find different commodities you’re able to invest in but to get a national investor it might be difficult to store those products during a lengthy time period.

Purchasing business Stocks i.e. stocks

There are various kinds of stocks it is possible to invest in according to your own investment horizon i.e. time frame that you would like to purchase and the total amount of risk you can manage. What’s more, in addition, it matters what type of income stream you’ve got in your mind i.e. do you need regular dividend payments or you’re more interested in Capital Profits (IPO’s i.e. firms which are lately launching their stocks to the stock exchange, are greatest for Capital Gains) .

1. Retail firms
2. Gas and Oil Businesses
3. Trading firms etc..

There’s a list of kind of businesses that we, as Muslims, shouldn’t invest in i.e. these will not be regarded as Halal investments. Companies that mostly deal in:


1. Fiscal institutions i.e. banks, lending firms
2. Pork and pork associated goods
4. Entertainment

The listing provided above is only an example and isn’t extensive.

As a normal person who doesn’t have a lot of understanding of how to invest in shares in Canadian Stock markets, the best thing would be to reach out to somebody who understands. They may become your relationship managers in the bank, a muslim scholar with fund knowledge too and understands financial markets or get broker companies.You will have to be certain to have explained to them in detail the standards for your own investments i.e. kind of organizations you’re checking into.

Some banks like RBC Royal Bank give you an internet account which you could use trade stocks on the internet. For that you want to have reasonable understanding of how stocks work and also how to analyse a investment prospect.

Land and land

In case you have sufficient spare money which you’ve saved within a time period and looking to put money into halal possibilities, land and property present another alternative for you. Folks do participate into purchasing homes through mortgage and raise their asset base, but that’s certainly not a halal alternative. Consequently, if you’re somebody who likes to prevent interest, you shouldn’t enter purchasing homes through mortgage.

Now there are just two situations:
1. You’ve got enough cash to get a home. In this circumstance you ought to be looking for the best investment opportunities concerning property and property. I have seen folks typically invest more into purchasing homes than purchasing land in Canada. This isn’t a terrible choice and is more protected. But investing in Land across the locations which have potential concerning future expansion and also have developmental projects in the pipeline is something which may generate higher yields for you.

2. You do not have sufficient cash to purchase a home in Canada. Within this situation, since virtually all people are immigrants here, there’s always a chance available on your country of source. You are able to invest in smaller possessions there and when you’ve accumulated enough cash, it is possible to bring it back here (in case your aims is to own land in Canada).
Purchasing new Businesses

A significant number of Muslim company men/women wish to begin their new jobs, they have great ideas but don’t have the money to invest. It is possible to locate these folks in your area or societal networks and talk about their thoughts. In case you’ve got the financial understanding, attempt to examine their thoughts, both concerning practicality and future earnings. If you do not know, have them develop a business plan and then introduce that company plan to a investment adviser.

You might even create a pool of cash with friends, family, acquaintances and begin a company that you normally can not afford. Purchasing new jobs i.e. companies, is more expensive than investing in an already running company but if quantified and weighed correctly and work hard on, may generate far greater yields.

I would be more than happy to assist with any of those above mentioned.

He writes on various finance and investment related issues in sites, posts and other forums.



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