Pattaya, Thailand – How to Get There From Bangkok Airport


Arriving in the Bangkok International Airport includes a sense of relief so far as getting out of this plane goes, but when you’re at the airport, then what?

It may be confusing once you arrive in the airport in case you don’t know where to go to grab a cab or bus. Following an worldwide flight you surely will be jet lag, so it’ll be hot, you must go through Immigration and maintain your luggage taxi pattaya.

Make your onward travel to Pattaya a cinch by reserving beforehand with one of those two providers below. Both solutions are reputable companies and are in operation for several decades.

Know Before You Move

There are two practical and Dependable solutions for your move to Pattaya:


You can book a cab to Pattaya via email or telephone with Mr. T. Taxi Services. A lot of folks who often visit Pattaya hire Mr. T. Taxi support from Pattaya since his support is dependable and affordable. Their limousines are newer automobiles with friendly drivers.

What is that for V.I.P support?

Taxi Fare With Mr. T automobile Support :

1000 Baht pickup in the airport
900 baht shed in the airport

In case you have family or friends traveling with you it’s a cheap, convenient and speedy way to get to Pattaya in the airport. If you travel you might have the ability to find someone throughout your trip or in the airport which you are able to talk about the ride along with the price of the cab fare with.

You may book through email or by telephone with Bell Travel Service and traveling conveniently and cheap within an air conditioned bus from Bangkok International Airport to Pattaya. The price is 150 Baht per person. The bus journey with Bell traveling Service takes about two hours to Pattaya.

When the bus arrives at Pattaya there’ll be minibuses waiting in the drop off place to take you into a Hotel, Condo or Apartment. Book in advance and they’ll provide you directions about the best way best to locate the bus in the airport.

Hopefully this info is likely to make your journey in your International Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya a fun adventure. Both solutions are highly advised.

Have a secure Trip and revel in your time in Pattaya.

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