Religious Jewelry: Prehistoric But Persistent Symbol of Spirituality


According to anthropologists, when our ancestors arose from the animal kingdom and made their first tentative steps toward humankind, among the primary things they didn’t differentiate themselves by an primal existence was supposed to make matters ‘beautiful’ – a urge to get an artwork, as Charles Darwin himself states. Surely, one of the breakthrough items produced by ancient humans was used to decorate themselves: the very first cosmetic and spiritual jewelry Religious Jewelry.


Ever since these initial steps, the shape and function of jewellery shifted a lot. The materials and the methods for producing them are unrecognizable and really much distinct from the primordial practices. However the primal urge that guided the ancient caveman stays the exact same instinct which guides each one of us at the current – a profound urge to make things beautiful, a longing possibly to make our environment more ‘livable’ and also to make ourselves more conducive to the planet.

That is not any way distinct even in our selection of spiritual artifacts. When intended for spiritual motives however, jewelry is ordinarily more complicated than those for individual usage. Maybe this is 1 way of respecting the religious world, as evidenced by spiritual jewelry.

Other than this mystique, an ancient form and use of spiritual jewelry has been the amulet or talisman, which can be a trinket utilized as a magical protection against illness. If jewellery can embody the energy of the gods, then surely it may also ward off evil beings. Though most people don’t believe in the magical character of amulets, this clinic nevertheless persists.

Additionally, there are trinkets that are promoted as ‘lucky charms’ Additionally, there are bracelets, metal rings, and other body decorations that guarantee the wearer relief from particular illnesses. Strictly speaking, this mysterious use of items could still be eligible as ‘spiritual jewelry’ – that the defining variable, it appears, is that which we accept as ‘spiritual’ clinic or not.

Religious jewellery now

There are of course as many thoughts on using jewellery in faith since there are religions in the world. Every one of the main faiths now has broadly varied ideas on using jewellery.

But one interested contemporary trend is to use what was spiritual jewelry for non-religious functions – which is, solely for cosmetic purposes.

Traditionalists might be appalled by this kind of use of the sacred symbols, but largely the result is unifying instead of alienating people. After all, whether knowingly or not, we’re still driven by the very same forces which impelled our ancestors to devise religious jewelry – that the urge to get an art.



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