Simplified Understanding About Plastic Bag Making Process


After more than a half of century of evolution, today it’s a various assortment of designs to please customers’ need: t-shirt manage, block head, die cut, patch, flexi-loop, clip loop, stiff handle, duffer, bag on roll… The manufacturing technique for each tote is different but there’s a simplified description concerning plastic bag manufacturing procedure with 4 measures: substance mixing, extruding, printing, completing ถุงผ้า



1. Material Blending

Polyethylene resin is blended in a mixing machine. Here, the resin will be blended with a few additives, for example:

– EPI, D2W (1-2 percent) to produce the tote been degradable


– Master-batch (4-7 percent) to produce the colour film: black, white, white, yellow, blue, red. This additive is quite helpful in agricultural plastic cover.

2. Extruding

After mixing, the mixture is going to be treated to molten form at elevated temperatures. It goes out in the form of a bubble filled with cool air that comes in the air ring. This air flow can help to blow up the bubble & cool down the plastic. The step is extremely important since it can influence the strength, depth consistence & transparency of the movie. On peak of the tower, it’s advised to be flatten gradually to shape horizontal form. The lay-flat movie travels over quite a few rollers. With easy tote, it’s frequently published, sealed & perforated at precisely the exact same period of extrusion. For complex bag, it’ll be transferred to next actions in the form of rolls.

3. Printing

With natural printing layout, it’s ideal to utilize gravure printing. For easy, little quantity & meals contact tote, it’s much better to utilize flexo-printing.

4. Finishing

This procedure comprises 3 major steps: cutting, folding & sealing. For different kinds of luggage, they utilize cutting machines that are suitable. Within this measure, the heat temperature, the rate of machine will determine the strength and also the look of this seal. For luggage with handle: clip loop, stiff, soft-loop, they’ve yet another measure of tackling. Together with purchasing square base bag, users also need cardboard to generate tote powerful & in a fantastic form.


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